Basic Safety Training (STCW)

This STCW’ 2010 Basic Familiarization Course is mandatory for the issuance of C.D.C.

  • Personal Survival Techniques (P.S.T)
    Duration: 3 Days
  • Elementary First Aid (E.F.A)
    Duration: 2 Days
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FP & FF)
    Duration: 3 Days
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (P.S.S.R)
    Duration: 3 Days
  • Security Training For Seafarers With Designated Security Duties(S.T.S.D.S.D)
    Duration: 2 Days

NOTE- Basic Safety Training Include Four Courses EFA + PSSR + PST + FPFF.


Fees for Five Basic STCW +STSDSD Courses is 25,000 INR only.

Fees for Complete Package of INDIA STCW with CDC is 30,000 INR only.

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